Utena BTM – Episode 1, Minute 15

Oops, last week was a bit hectic and I forgot to upload this! Sorry everyone! Enjoy another double-length episode, though this time we are just talking about one minute of the show… and a tangent about voice acting. Besides that, we talk about how Kat still needs to read the manga, Saionji’s levels, of assholery and Anthy’s design. Enjoy, and join us at about 7 pm CST for this week’s Macross episode!

Podcast length: 46:32
Episode timestamp: 16:14-17:14

Shikon Seekers 7

Hi everyone! Robbie and Kat are back with a new Shikon Seekers! This time we cover episodes 16-18, including Miroku’s karma and Naraku’s official introduction.

We hope you enjoy, and join us next week for a new Utena episode!

Podcast length: 48:38

Utena By The Minute – Episode 1, Minute 14

We actually have a double-length episode today! We decided that it’d be for the best to cover the first instance of Utena’s Transformation Song all in one go instead of splitting it up, much as we’ve done with the opening theme. Future episodes we’ll probably follow the timestamps though.


Podcast length: 41:40
Episode timestamp: 14:33-16:14

SDF Macross By The Episode 7

A new Macross episode! “Bye-Bye Mars”, the first ep Kat didn’t like very well.
We make guesses in spite of our respective ignorances, take a joke a bit too far, like listening to our own voices too much, but eventually get back on track and have a good convo.  Enjoy!

Podcast length: 1:06:20

Revolutionary Girl Utena BTM- Episode 1, Minute 11

Hello everyone, we’re back to getting on track with a new Utena episode today! Sorry for the delay. Today we’re talking about Jerkvoice Mcgee, springy paper, and a bit on stylization.

Enjoy, and join us at 4:30 pm CST for the next one!


Podcast length: 24:16
Episode timestamp: 11:33-12:33

SDF Macross By The Episode 6

It’s here, it’s here! Finally! Sorry again for the 3-week delay everyone, but we finally get to talk about the Pinpoint Barrier System and Hayase’s brilliant plan and Hikaru’s first battle as a soldier. Enjoy!

Podcast length: 1:07:08

Shikon Seekers 6

Kat and Robbie talk about episodes 14 and 15 of InuYasha, including Urasue’s garden gnomes and Kaede’s sense of propriety.

Sorry for the delay in this month’s Macross and second Utena episodes- Kat’s still a bit overworked, and the holidays have messed up our schedules a lot. Thankfully, she’s got two days after Christmas off, so expect the missing episodes to go up then!

Podcast length: 57:11