Utena By The Minute- Episode 1, Minute 3

As promised, here’s the BTM that should’ve gone up last week! Sorry again for the wait, everyone. We talk about Ohtori’s landscape, which means a lot of talk about dicks in this one.

Podcast length: 24:19
Episode Timestamp: 3:33-4:33


Hi everyone, sorry there wasn’t an episode last week and sorry for the radio silence on why. We were at a convention out-of-town and I forgot to do the editing and queue the post before we left, and then I had a lot of work right away and just didn’t have time.

But! You can expect a double feature this Friday! A new Utena BTM and a new Shikon Seekers! So enjoy that.

Again, apologies for all this, and we’ll be back on track next week!