SDF Macross BTE 4

We talk about Macross episode 4, with waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much background noise and fidgeting. Sorry everyone.

Also sorry for how late this episode is posting, we recorded late while trying to wait out Xypher’s cold and so I was editing last-minute, aaaaa. Remind me to never do that again plzkthx.

Podcast length: 54:55

Utena By The Minute- Episode 1, Minute 6

And we’re back with a new RGU podcast, with lots and lots of tangents! And a cat playing in a plastic bag that I couldn’t edit out of the recording, sorry.

Intro and outtro music by Matt Cosgro(o)ve, who is also a part of The 3rd Wheel!
And you can always find some good Utena discussion over at Rose’s blog!

Episode timestamp: 6:33-7:33
Podcast length: 27:25