Shikon Seekers 5


Today we talk about episodes 11-13 of InuYasha, 2 of which couldĀ  be considered filler but do a wonderful job of fleshing out Kagome’sĀ  character, and the last sets up a plot device that I can’t remember how often it comes up! Enjoy!

Podcast length: 1:02:55

SDF Macross By The Episode 5

Wow sorry this wound up way later than it should have been, I’m sorry everyone! A combination of being ill and executive dysfunction got to me. But we’re here now, and talking about episode 5 of Macross, including digressions about anime pacing and theme songs, and Zentraedi’s Funniest Home Videos! Enjoy!

(Also I think the cat knocked our pop filter out of the way at one point so there’s a weird crackling after the halfway point, sorry about that, didn’t notice it while we were recording.)

Join us tomorrow for a new Utena BTM.

Podcast length: 1:12:45