SDF Macross By The Episode 6

It’s here, it’s here! Finally! Sorry again for the 3-week delay everyone, but we finally get to talk about the Pinpoint Barrier System and Hayase’s brilliant plan and Hikaru’s first battle as a soldier. Enjoy!

Podcast length: 1:07:08

Shikon Seekers 6

Kat and Robbie talk about episodes 14 and 15 of InuYasha, including Urasue’s garden gnomes and Kaede’s sense of propriety.

Sorry for the delay in this month’s Macross and second Utena episodes- Kat’s still a bit overworked, and the holidays have messed up our schedules a lot. Thankfully, she’s got two days after Christmas off, so expect the missing episodes to go up then!

Podcast length: 57:11

Macross Delay

Hey everyone, sorry for doing thisĀ again but the next Macross episode will go up Sunday instead of tomorrow.

Kat’s work is short-staffed currently so she’s a bit overworked and hasn’t had much recording or editing time. Apologies, and thank you for your patience!

Utena BTM- Episode 1, Minute 10

We get to some Wakaba and Utena chitchat, and get distracted by shilling a bit. Enjoy!
We also have a shiny new titlecard, made by Haiz! You can find them on Tumblr or Twitter, and they recently illustrated a kids’ book which you can find here!

Podcast length: 24:05
Episode timestamp: 10:33-11:33