About Us

The Podcasts

We are Heart and Cel, a podcast talking about animated series. We cover everything either By The Episode (every second Friday in a month) or By The Minute (first and third Fridays).  The main hosts are Katrani and Xypher, with occasional guests. If you like what you see, please consider supporting us!


Shikon Seekers is a monthly podcast, talking about the anime adaptation of Rumiko Takahashi’s Inuyasha. We tackle a few episodes at a time, depending on the content of the episodes in question. The main hosts are Katrani and Robbie, with occasional guests.
(Host art by Kari!)


The Hosts

I’m Katrani. I’m mostly a fan of magical girl and slice-of-life anime. Western cartoons that I watched as a kid didn’t really stick with me well, but I’m looking forward to revisiting some of them as a part of this podcast. I like to write in my spare time. You can find me on:
Twitter    |    Tumblr    |    Patreon


Name’s Xypher. I’m a giant cornball smothered in cheese. I believe in love, justice, and friendship. I create internet videos with my friends on the Youtube channel Super CES where you can also find Katrani and I doing some Let’s Plays. I also author a comic called Dark Champion Shader a tokusatsu-themed series.


I’m Robbie, I’m a grad student and all around nerd from the Chicagoland area. In the past I hosted Clusterfaq, a short-lived nerd news podcast and Mooselions, Tigerdillos, and Platypusbears! Oh My!, a Legend of Korra fan podcast with Kat and my friend Melissa. Currently, in addition to Shikon Seekers, I host a podcast about lesser known animated features called Animation Station with my other friend Tracy, which can be listened to here. I can be found on Twitter.