Shikon Seekers 7

Hi everyone! Robbie and Kat are back with a new Shikon Seekers! This time we cover episodes 16-18, including Miroku’s karma and Naraku’s official introduction.

We hope you enjoy, and join us next week for a new Utena episode!

Podcast length: 48:38

Shikon Seekers 6

Kat and Robbie talk about episodes 14 and 15 of InuYasha, including Urasue’s garden gnomes and Kaede’s sense of propriety.

Sorry for the delay in this month’s Macross and second Utena episodes- Kat’s still a bit overworked, and the holidays have messed up our schedules a lot. Thankfully, she’s got two days after Christmas off, so expect the missing episodes to go up then!

Podcast length: 57:11

Shikon Seekers 5


Today we talk about episodes 11-13 of InuYasha, 2 of which couldĀ  be considered filler but do a wonderful job of fleshing out Kagome’sĀ  character, and the last sets up a plot device that I can’t remember how often it comes up! Enjoy!

Podcast length: 1:02:55

Shikon Seekers 3

We talk about episodes 6 and 7 of InuYasha, covering the rest of Sesshomaru’s introduction and the cutest happy dogboy getting a sword!

We hope you enjoy! September has an extra Friday but I’ll be taking next week as a chance to get ahead on editing, so join us on October 6th for a new Utena BTM episode. Thanks so much everyone!