SDF Macross By The Episode 7

A new Macross episode! “Bye-Bye Mars”, the first ep Kat didn’t like very well.
We make guesses in spite of our respective ignorances, take a joke a bit too far, like listening to our own voices too much, but eventually get back on track and have a good convo.  Enjoy!

Podcast length: 1:06:20

SDF Macross By The Episode 6

It’s here, it’s here! Finally! Sorry again for the 3-week delay everyone, but we finally get to talk about the Pinpoint Barrier System and Hayase’s brilliant plan and Hikaru’s first battle as a soldier. Enjoy!

Podcast length: 1:07:08

SDF Macross By The Episode 5

Wow sorry this wound up way later than it should have been, I’m sorry everyone! A combination of being ill and executive dysfunction got to me. But we’re here now, and talking about episode 5 of Macross, including digressions about anime pacing and theme songs, and Zentraedi’s Funniest Home Videos! Enjoy!

(Also I think the cat knocked our pop filter out of the way at one point so there’s a weird crackling after the halfway point, sorry about that, didn’t notice it while we were recording.)

Join us tomorrow for a new Utena BTM.

Podcast length: 1:12:45

SDF Macross BTE 4

We talk about Macross episode 4, with waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much background noise and fidgeting. Sorry everyone.

Also sorry for how late this episode is posting, we recorded late while trying to wait out Xypher’s cold and so I was editing last-minute, aaaaa. Remind me to never do that again plzkthx.

Podcast length: 54:55

SDF Macross By The Episode 3

Hi everyone, sorry again for a late episode, I was sick last week and didn’t get a chance to edit.

In this one, we talk about toys, war politics, and mainly Macross episode 3, “Space Fold”! Enjoy, and join us in a few hours for the next Utena update! Actually, the Utena episode somehow posted first instead of queuing, so look below this on the main page for it!

Podcast length: 1:01:39