Utena By The Minute – Episode 1, Minute 5

And our next Utena episode, talking a bit about princely requirements and the social lives of background characters.

Also, this is the last one from our first recording session, so hopefully after this the background noise will be a bit less noticeable. Thanks so much for sticking with us through these initial podcasts!

Join us next week for more Shikon Seekers!

Episode timestamp: 5:33-6:33
Podcast length: 20:00

Utena By The Minute- Episode 1, Minute 4

We talk about Utena’s introduction (with special guest, the housecat)!

Sorry for the lateness on this one, I’m having a hard time getting back into my schedule, but we should be back to noon uploads next week!

Episode timestamp: 4:33-5:33
Podcast length: 23:54

Utena By The Minute- Episode 1, Minute 3

As promised, here’s the BTM that should’ve gone up last week! Sorry again for the wait, everyone. We talk about Ohtori’s landscape, which means a lot of talk about dicks in this one.

Podcast length: 24:19
Episode Timestamp: 3:33-4:33

Revolutionary Girl Utena By The Minute – Opening

We start analyzing Utena, starting with the opening animation! A reminder that this will not be spoiler-free, so either watch RGU or be aware of that before listening.
With special guests creaky chairs and a kitten, which we tried to edit out but just couldn’t completely remove.
Also, apologies if it sounds weird at times, the tempo had to be adjusted to get it within file size limits and didn’t want to cut too much of the conversation. Hopefully in future editing won’t be as rough!

Podcast length: Roughly 1:10:00
Episode timestamp: 0:00-1:33